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Which problem do you solve?

For years I struggled with limiting beliefs that held me back from creating the growth I desired in both business and in life. I knew it was possible but would constantly sabotage myself and my success. The challenge was gaining the proper mindset for growth and simultaneously removing the beliefs that we’re holding me back.

What insight sparked the start/change of your mindset?

In September 2016, I was reintroduced to personal development and through that, I started to realized that if true change was going to happen, I had to change. Also that growth is a process and a highly intentional one at that. What I found was that it’s through daily disciplines that lead to success, mastering the mundane little things and doing those basic things over and over and over again that lead to success. So my journey began to help business owners, sales professionals, and managers develop the success mindset for business and life and to grow to their full potential.

What are you doing to fix the problem?

I learned that by doing the mundane things like reading, studying, and taking action on what you learned that over a course of time (which is different for everyone and all based on the passion and amount of time put in) a phenomenon called the compound effect would kick in and all the daily consistent disciplined work put in would show itself in a big way. Applying the fundamentals of growth with intentionality and backed with passion go way further than strategy alone. We can have all the strategy but if it’s not backed with a mindset conducive of success, the strategies are not going to do much good.

My Mission?

I want to empower other like-minded people to grow and reach their full potential through gaining the success mindset, over-coming their limiting beliefs, and mastering the mundane daily actions that lead to success.

My Mantra?

“You are always moving in the direction of your mind’s most dominate thoughts!”


Stephen is an entrepreneur, leader in his church, husband, and father to three wonderful (now adult) children. Stephen has spent his life, starting when he was 18, with the spirit of leadership, being a giver, and (in those early days) dabbling in the personal development field.

Stephen has studied countless books on leadership, personal development and mindset. He has come to realize that it’s through continued self-education in this arena, followed by continual action on the newly embraced principles, that will change one’s destiny.

Stephen is a force for change and believes that anyone can change for the better, if they have a deep burning desire to do so. It is his mission to help others break away from the “good enough” and the “it’s impossible” mindset and to help people get out of their own way to move forward with positive change.

Stephen helps others to believe that they can be more than they ever thought possible. All we need is consistency of purpose, and an unwavering persistence to continue with the daily disciplines required to be truly successful at any endeavor we desire.