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Stephen is an entrepreneur, leader in his church, husband, and father to three wonderful (now adult) children. Stephen has spent his life, starting when he was 18, with the spirit of leadership, being a giver, and (in those early days) dabbling in the personal development field.

Stephen has studied countless books on leadership, personal development and mindset. He has come to realize that it’s through continued self-education in this arena, followed by continual action on the newly embraced principles, that will change one’s destiny.

Stephen is a force for change and believes that anyone can change for the better, if they have a deep burning desire to do so. It is his mission to help others break away from the “good enough” and the “it’s impossible” mindset and to help people get out of their own way to move forward with positive change.

Stephen helps others to believe that they can be more than they ever thought possible. All we need is consistency of purpose, and an unwavering persistence to continue with the daily disciplines required to be truly successful at any endeavor we desire.